The complete blueprint for anyone wanting to become a better problem solver.

Using an intuitive question-based style, SMART PROBLEM SOLVING presents a holistic methodology, a stepwise process and practical resources for those who want to become better problem solvers on a consistent basis.

Individuals, teams and ideals that defined and crafted the Beautiful Game as we know it today.

FOOTBALL MASTERS salutes the finest exponents of football by featuring players, managers, teams and ideals that encapsulated the brilliance, beauty and wonder of the world's most popular game

Concise narration of the fabled winners and near-winners of the FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup is football's grandest prize. In every edition, we get the classic debates: Did the best team win? Could another team have won? Should another team have won? Reflecting on World Cup finals to date, this book assesses whether alternative trajectories could have materialized.